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Mandala patterns are as varied and intricate as the spiritual and physical realms. They are meant to represent, often depicting animals in one form or another. While many people simply associate the elephant with Indian culture, assuming this is the reason why their favourite mandala tapestry depicts a gray or white elephant. This animal is actually deeply symbolic embodies the history of Buddhism in many ways.

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Importance of Mandala

Rising from the Indian culture of Hinduism and Buddhism, the elephant mandala represents both the internal universe of the individual creating mandala as well as the whole universe and the connection of the person to that mandala. A mandala helps a person to be strong, aware, conscious, and focused with the help of meditation. It also helps to create spiritual links to the well-ordered universe.

Different types of Mandalas

All mandalas don’t look same. They are different by themes, symbols and colors. If we are talking about animal mandalas, all animals are different by behaviour and characteristics.

When an animal is chosen to be the part of a mandala, then it often means that the mandala is going to describe your strength, regional belief, and soul of that animal.

Significance of an Elephant!

In Hindu society, the elephant is considered as Lord Ganesha due to fact that the head of Lord Ganesha is an elephant.

Elephant is symbol of Strength and peace. The meaning of a mandala elephant is much deeper than anyone can think. As a famous saying, “keep a lucky elephant at the door to your house so that you can get protection from bad luck and only invite good inside”.

Characteristics of an Elephant!

  • An elephant is considered to be the ultimate symbol of strength; both mental and physical strength.
  • It also depicts one’s earthiness, responsibility and steadfastness.
  • The intricate patterns oozing out from the elephant clearly stands for one’s boldness, strong personality and placid thought process.
  • Elephant mandalas are helpful to attain your goals when concentrated upon.
  • They can be inked as tattoos or used as a source of meditation.
  • The tapestry with elephant mandala is the best and useful way to rest your gaze on the figure often.
  • Elephants are gentle giants who always being obedient to their leader.
  • They are also extremely strong and powerful but they have very low anger until not provoked.
  • This is the major reason why an elephant is the best choice when you think of carving an animal on the tapestry you would like to hang in your living room.
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    100% lightweight polyester. Printed top, finished edge, fine line detail and intense vivid colors. Cold gentle machine wash, line or tumble dry on low, don’t bleach or iron. Call it a wall tapestry or a wall hanging, it’s awesome either way.

Religious significance of elephant mandala tapestry

Elephants in Hinduism and Buddhism

Every culture or religion respects elephants and feels that we can learn a lot from these giant and precious animals. They are truly impressive, kind, stalwart and imposing. Elephants also have the great religious significance in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

In Hinduism, an elephant is same as the Lord Ganesha. In India, the Lord Ganesha’s head (which is the head of an elephant) is the most worshiped symbol.

In Buddhism, the white elephant is specially considered for the spiritual artwork. It is special because of its rarity and purity. It is also believed that Buddha Shakyamuni was born as an elephant in in his last incarnation and reached to ultimate sense of enlightenment as a white elephant.

On other hand, grey elephant is considered as an untrained mind that is more curious for wandering rather than choosing the path going towards enlightenment.

Other common facts that a traditional elephant mandala is coming with:

  • Mental and physical fortitude.
  • Strength and spirit
  • Prosperity
  • Good luck
  • Protection
  • Bringing rains
  • As a form of God

What does elephant mandala tapestry represent in your room?

animal tapestries

  • Having elephant images throughout your home can help to remember that how strong you are and it is also helpful in inviting the positive energy to your home.
  • Elephants are the wonder creature that symbolizes pure beauty and strength both at the same time.
  • They are also characterized and glorified among many stories because of their large size and their long-lasting impression.

Elephant mandala tapestry for that perfect boho look!

Elephant art

  • Elephant art reminds you that you are stronger and must overcome any difficulty you face across your path.
  • You can get mandala elephant tattoo to get this art on your body and experience a life-changing energies around you.

Elephant clothing

  • Wearing clothes with elephant patterns keep you aware of your well-being, protected, and comfortable all the day.
  • There are also the beliefs stating that elephant mandala patterns teach you keeping patience and you can practice meditation with them to control one’s thoughts in mind.

Often, people tend to attract from the complexity and visual appeal of this animal and with the help of meditation, meditation they become more aware of it by being able to unveil deeper meaning behind the beauty of the animal.

If you want to create your own elephant mandala arts but you’re not good at drawing, you can easily buy elephant mandala coloring pages and create colorful elephant mandala on your own.

Western popularity of Elephants Mandalas

  1. In current time you cannot step into a student’s apartments or in a modern house without coming across a mandala tapestry representing a powerful spiritual message.
  2. Mandala tapestry are commonly designed and constituted patterns featured as a circle in the centre and surrounded by flowers or other organic patterns.
  3. The popularity of mandala tapestries is started with hippie movements, but its attributes belongs to the Bohemian subculture.
  4. Mandala tapestries come in lot of varieties and colour combinations.
  5. As people are becoming more aware of these spiritual arts, elephant mandalas have become so much popular because of its beauty, strength, and prosperity. You will find the elephant mandala tapestries all over the internet and in the market too.
  6. You can find them as carpets, bed sheets, wall hangings and in clothing items as well.
  7. People are also crazy for elephant mandala tattoos and you will see a lot of boho people inked with elephant mandala tattoos.
  8. An Elephant tapestry makes a great wall hanging tapestry, a beach carpet, couch cover, dorm room tapestry yoga mat or tablecloth etc.

These are the simple steps to learn to do elephant coloring in 2020.

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