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What is a Mandala?

The literal meaning of the word Mandala is “circle” which is derived from the Sanskrit roots. It symbolizes absolute wholeness and completeness which can be implied as the contentment and sense of satisfaction in an individual’s daily life!

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Mandalas encompass the natural and celestial objects around us like the moon, the sun, the earth, snowflakes, dew drops, etc. depicting the Nature as an epitome of wholeness.

Talking in general terms, any circular form or figure with a central point emitting an array of patterns, shapes, figures or geometrical shapes, are called Mandalas.

Why are Elephant Mandalas the most popular of all the mandala designs?

Mandala art designs come in innumerable patterns and styles symbolizing the various virtues, aspects, and connections that the human mind has with the cosmic universe. One such popular animal mandala form is that of the mandala elephant. The presence of the elephant animal mandala is in all the mediums – elephant mandala colouring pages for children and adults, beautiful linens, tapestry, tattoos and many more.

The Significance of the Elephant

Hindu Culture

The elephant is a symbol of strength and power and has a deep association with Hindu and Buddhist culture. Lord Ganesha has the face of an elephant, and so it is of sacred relevance to the Hindus. The large ears of the elephant symbolize patient hearing and the small eyes denote complete focus, more in the spiritual form than the physical aspect of things.

Buddhist Culture

The Buddhists consider the elephant pious as they believe that Buddha had several incarnations in the form of an elephant. There is also a belief that Buddha Shakyamuni attained enlightenment in his last incarnation which was as a white elephant. This explains the significance of the white elephant. The grey elephant, on the contrary, indicates a disturbed or wandering mind. The inference here is the spiritual growth of a person from the grey to the white elephant which is the symbol of enlightenment.

Other remarkable explanations of the mandala elephant meaning which give it a place of great importance in the Indian culture are –

  • It is the harbinger of rain making the soil fertile which brings prosperity and symbolizes growth.
  • As it brings growth and prosperity, it is also a symbol of good luck and fortune.
  • The female elephant is the leader of the herd which highlights female power and wisdom.
  • It is also a symbol of responsibility as it takes very good care of both the elders and the offsprings of its lineage.
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These attributes of the elephant are of great importance in mandala elephant art. It is a common belief that the person sporting an elephant mandala tattoo or working on elephant mandala colouring pages is empowered with the same virtues.

mandala elephant meaningElephant mandala tapestry – the most sought after tapestry design

The popularity of the mandala elephant is highly visible in the various forms it is being used in across all cultures and countries. Today mandala art is equally visible in the tapestry as it is in colouring books and elephant tattoos which are a rage among the young generation.


This animal mandala is significant not only in Hinduism and Buddhism but has its popularity spread across other cultures and countries also. This has given rise to all kinds of elephant mandala tapestry. Today we have elephant inspired inspired rugs, blankets, wall paintings, T-shirts, bedspreads, and table linens. Modern psychologists consider them to be very effective in personal growth, inner peace, and spiritual development. The result is an escalating growth in the demand of mandala elephant tapestry in the market.

The colours used in elephant mandala tapestry also have relevant significance.

  • RED: As intense as the colour itself, it denotes strength and energy.
  • PINK: The colour denotes feminine qualities in addition to love and wisdom.
  • BLUE: Being a cool colour, it is a symbol of inner peace.
  • PURPLE: It emphasizes the spiritual well-being and growth.
  • ORANGE: The vibrancy of this colour stands for creativity and awareness.
  • GREEN: The colour of nature, it represents abilities of self-healing and love for nature.
  • YELLOW: The bright colour of sunshine, it brings the light of learning with happiness, laughter, and
  • BLACK: Dark and mystic, it is the colour that invokes the ability to solve mysteries.

elephant mandala colouring pagesTattoos

Tattoos are stories in art inked on the skin. It has become a fashion accessory in the modern world but the interesting part is all tattoos are done with some meaning attached to them.  Elephant mandala tattoos come in different varieties and have various significance.

  • A mandala elephant tattoo with their trunk up signifies good luck
  • A tattoo with only the head of an elephant is a symbol of Lord Ganesha and depicts success.
  • The tattoo of a family of elephants lined one after the other, is a symbol of strong family ties.
  • The Polynesian elephant mandala tattoo depicting flowers and petals links you to nature and its various forms.
  • The more modern version of the cartoon elephant tattoos signifies recapturing the joys of childhood.
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There are many designs of mandala elephant tattoos with butterflies, angel wings and other variations which make for attractive tattoos. It is best to choose elephant mandala designs which describe you as a person or depending on the virtues you want to imbibe within you.

mandala elephant tattoo
Source: Pinterest

Elephant mandala coloring pages for adults and children

Abstract doodle colouring pages are now available for elephant mandala in SVG format for children. The circular symmetrical designs with repetition of patterns grab the child’s attention. Colouring this mandala brings emotional, behavioural and cognitive benefits to the children resulting in an overall development.

  • It increases their focus and concentration.
  • It improves the motor skills of the children through intricate mandala designs and geometric patterns which the child studies while colouring.
  • The small space colouring helps to develop patience and consistency in the children as it is a work of detail.
  • They increase the creativity and imagination power of the children while educating them about colours and figures.
  • Using the right colour combinations and patterns for mandala elephant colouring also alleviates their aesthetic sense.

There are many intricate and varying designs for adults who are interested in animal mandala colouring. You can choose from thousands of mandala elephant SVG files available online. The dual advantage of these elephant mandala colouring pages is that they engage the focus through their intricate designs but also provide relaxation through the simple process of colouring the set patterns.

Another great advantage of the elephant mandala art form is that anyone can try their hands at it. You need not be a trained artist or painter to indulge in elephant mandala colouring.

Intricate mandala elephant designs are a visual treat for the aesthetic eyes and embody deep meanings. An understanding of these deep-rooted meanings is the right path for spiritual growth and oneness with the cosmic universe.

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