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Floral Mandala or Flower Mandala

The floral Mandalas represent compassion, beauty, love and grace. Floral mandalas  are the source of aesthetically pleasing look, calmness of the mind and soul and cool and positive aura.

Sometimes, the base of the flower Mandala also gets made in the form of digital design using the real picture of a flower. The actual meaning of the  mandala depends on what kinds of flowers are getting used to designing it. The meaning also depends on whether one or more than one images of the flowers are getting used to making the Mandala flower.

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Meaning of Flower Mandala

One can see various overlapping circles in the flower of life Mandala which is often called the sacred geometry. This Mandala flower helps in bringing spiritual enlightenment. Some of the most common meanings which follow Mandala flower designs are:

  • Beauty
  • Love
  • Passion
  • Growth
  • Hope
  • Connection
  • Compassion

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Places Where One Can Find Mandala Flower:

  • A flower mandala design can get found in storybooks, artwork, sites of nature, digital media, and even in various magazines.
  • These designs help in adorning various items like bags, clothing, accessories, and scarves. The presence of Mandala flower drawing on these items enhances their ornamental value to a great extent.
  • There are many colouring books in which you can find lotus flower Mandala and several other types of Mandala flowers which attract both children and adults.
  • The modern design of flower mandala of life gets created using digital software.
  • You can see the designs displayed in art shows and on various types of note cards.
  • Some even make Mandala lotus as tattoo designs to adorn their body parts.

Uses Of Mandala Flower:

  • A simple Mandala flower gets used a lot in meditation. It is great for building up focus and manifests the spiritual and personal growth of people.
  • It is a great form of art and many colouring books use the Mandala flower for relaxation and entertainment of the users.
  • The flower design initiates great creativity as the various parts of the flower can have multiple hues for a wonderful effect.
  • Colourful Mandalas can be beautiful customized gift ideas.
  • They even decorate any corner of the room and add a perfect vibe to the walls of the house.

lotus mandala tattoo

The ancient belief of lotus mandala flower

It is true that one can reach peace and sanity by being open-minded. However, some forms of meditation require people to focus on a particular type of artwork. The Mandala flower carries this history of meditation and is a great healing tool which is still famous all over the world.

Each of the types of Tibetan and Hindu Mandalas is different but the classic lotus Mandala is a vital part of this art form as per the versions of India. One must always know the deeper aspect of the lotus Mandala meaning before investing in this type of artwork.

What does lotus mandala represent?

The Lotus is the symbolic representation of enlightenment. Resting your gaze on the lotus mandala can enlighten your spirit and enhance your mental growth. The Lotus mandala symbolizes purity of the human mind and soul. Integrating the Lotus  Mandalas in your surroundings helps you purify your thoughts and mind.

What meaning does lotus mandala carry as per hinduism and budhhism?

  • Most of the florists and botanists consider the flower lotus as a beautiful bloom. However, as per the Asian cultures, this flower has deeper symbolism layers.
  • Lotus is the native bloom of various Asian countries and thus both the modern and ancient people never fail to appreciate the beauty of this flower.
  • According to the traditions of Buddhism, lotus symbolises the rising of an individual from the world of materiality and getting spiritually united with the whole universe. This phase is enlightenment. Gautama Buddha used the example of the lotus flower to explain to his followers that the soul can never get soiled even when there is dirt all around. The beautiful flower grows amidst the mud but always remains unaffected by the dirt.
  • In Hinduism as well, the symbol of the lotus flower is almost the same but gets expressed in a different manner. Here, the flower represents how pure the soul of a human being is. It shows the ability of the soul to transcend various types of physical limitations like death and birth. Lotus gets associated with many deities who represent wealth and creativity as per the Hindu religion.

Why Do You See Lotus In Different Mandalas?

The different meanings of the flower lotus make it quite obvious as to why the Mandala flower has this sign in it. The people who love to meditate can stare at the petals of the lotus Mandala design and enhance their concentration and focus. It is great if you are looking to reach that stage of ultimate enlightenment.

Moreover, the lotus Mandala imparts great peace to the soul and is also soothing for the human eyes. Usually, the Mandala lotus flower does not have 1000 petals as the designs become quite complex. Scared numbers like nine or eight get selected to design the petals on the flower mandala.

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The Popular Mandala Flower Featuring Designs Of Lotus:

Multiple varieties of lotus Mandalas are there for the people to choose from. This list offers the most popular ones in the market:

  • Garbhadhatu Mandala: This lotus Mandala represents the Womb Realm of the Buddhist where various deities from the sects of Chinese and Japanese Buddhism reside. Different deities remain all around the lotus flower. Every detail of this flower Mandala is fine and elegant.
  • Nava Padma Mandala: This lotus Mandala gets used for the initiation ceremonies of the Parameshwara.
  • Sri Yantra: This yantra is a type of lotus Mandala which represents sixteen petals of the lotus. These petals surround the interlocking triangles which make a set in the middle of the design. It represents non-duality.
  • Trident Yantra: It is the symbol of Lord Shiva depicting war and wrathfulness. There is the pointy trident along with the design of the peaceful lotus on this Mandala flower. It symbolises contradictions like peace and war getting resolved.
  • Ganesha Yantra: This flower shows Lord Ganesha seated on the lotus. This flower mandala design carries huge meaning and importance of every Hindu.

Lord Ganesha Mandala Tattoo

The lotus Mandala design contains different colours of the lotus-like red, blue, purple, pink and white. Each of the colours has their own meaning and they also enhance the beauty of the artwork. Now that you have so much to know about the Mandala flower with lotus design on it, you can shop for various items having this design with ease. Be it wall decals or art stickers, lotus Mandala can purify any area with its sanity and warmth.

Above mentioned are the power of lotus mandala in 2020.

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